SkinFlips: Premium Vinyl Stickers For iPhone, iPad And MacBook (Sponsored)

SkinFlips: Premium Vinyl Stickers For iPhone, iPad And MacBook (Sponsored)


The great thing about Apple products is that they all work exactly the same, so if something goes wrong with one of them, you know how to fix it; the only problem with this fabulous uniformity is that they all end up looking the same.  If you want to personalise your iDevice and make it stand out from the crowd, then you could do a lot worse than checking out SkinFlips, who make personalised, high-quality stickers that protect over 1,600 different devices, like mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops and any kind of gaming device.

We checked out a few of these accessories and we have to say we were pretty impressed; never have our iPhones looked so stylish!  My favourite was the Bob Marley SkinFlip sticker that came for my iPhone in a shade of aqua green merging into dark orange for the King of Reggae’s hair…I couldn’t get ‘Buffalo Soldier’ out of my head for ages!  We also reviewed a few patterned stickers for the MacBook Pro, which really made my laptop stand out when I was typing away in Starbucks!

However, it’s not just stock images that are available for you to adorn your devices with; the real pulling power of SkinFlips is that you can create your very own, unique sticker simply by uploading your pictures to the website.  If you want your very own original look for your iPhone, tablet or laptop then you simply upload a high quality picture to the site and the guys at SkinFlips will deliver it straight your door.  Alternatively, you can also customize the colours or add text to a new sticker that you design yourself.  What the best part of this process is, is that if you want to get a sticker that just has elements of a background in it, (i.e. you place a cut-out of your iPhone over an image and click where you want it cut from), you can drag the cut-out over the picture and rotate it around until you get the optimum design.

There are so many designs to choose from, or you can submit your own!

What I thought was a really nice touch about the stickers was that each one is personalised; when they arrive in the post, the label that you peel off has your name on it, so you know that it has been custom-made to your order. This also boosts the confidence that you have in the fact that it will fit your iPhone or other device as opposed to simply getting another one off the ‘factory line’.

The prices range from £12.99 for an iPhone sticker to £29.99 for a MacBook Pro Sticker, (this comes in two parts, one for the top and one for the bottom), which are pretty reasonable considering the quality.  It doesn’t include shipping, however, which will be an extra couple of dollars/Euros/pounds, depending on where you get it delivered to.


  • A huge range of innovative designs at relatively low prices.
  • You’re not bound to these designs, however, as you can upload any photo that you desire; your girlfriend, a funny picture of your mate, even your pet cat!
  • The aftercare support team are pleasant and interested in your customer satisfaction being of the highest possible.


  • I prefer it when shipping is included in the price, so there are no ‘hidden charges’, however, I understand that this would be hard to do until you enter where you are shipping it.


SkinFlips is a very impressive company who clearly have their clients’ best wishes at heart, through the personalisation of the designs and the reasonable prices.  If you want to customize your iPhone, tablet, laptop or any other of the range of devices that they cater for, then look no further!

To have a look at SkinFlips huge range of stickers, click here.

Also, if you join the SkinFlips Facebook Page you will get a £5 voucher towards any design of your choice!



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