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How Emerging Tech Is Helping To Battle Global Opioid Dependence

Can tech help fight worldwide opioid dependence? Find out the role of emerging tech in the war against global opioid abuse here!
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Why You Need Apple CarPlay in Your Life

Anyone with an iPhone can tell you that Apple has revolutionized so many areas of our lives. The calculator and watch have...
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How the Latest Technology Can Help You Avoid a Car Accident

Technology is changing the way we do a lot of things - everything from navigation to communication - and one of the...
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Video Conferencing: Making The Most Of Your Modern Telephone System

What is video conferencing? Webopedia explains that the term means: “to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites...
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How Contactless Payment Technology Further Enhances The E-Wallet

These days, e-wallets represent just one out of the incalculable different ways in which digital technology is revolutionizing how we do things. With contactless...
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Using Machine Learning to Improve Customer Experience Online

In recent years the digital revolution has created a lot of new advantages for every industry and sector across the globe. The ability to...

SMBs, Cybersecurity, and Insider Threats

Imagine the biggest threat to your SMB's cybersecurity. You are probably picturing a hacker sitting in front of a screen in a distant basement....
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Will Healthcare Be The Next Big Tech Revolution?

Healthcare has always been big business. Though its primary goal is ostensibly helping the public maintain their health, everybody knows that medicine is worth...

5 Ways the Tech Industry Is Disrupting Medicine

The tech industry revolution has touched, and continues to touch, almost every part of our lives. The way we consume and process information has...
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Why SendPulse Is the Best Integrated Messaging Platform

In today’s digital world, marketing is more important than ever. Of course, it’s always been crucial to the success of any venture, but the...

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