Got a Tech Business Idea? Now You Need a Business Name

Got a Tech Business Idea? Now You Need a Business Name


Do you have a Tech business idea and desire a name for it? Not to worry. This piece is providing technology entrepreneurs with tips to find the right trade name.

You cannot start a business without a name. Still, finding the right one can be a complicated process. You will have to find a brand name that conveys your business. It also has to sound catchy and reflective of your brand. Trying to get around these things might be difficult.

A good trade name is the right start for a company. It is a forward leap to achieving success. It helps to differentiate you from the competition. It tells people what to expect from your brand. You can find a large list with business names from Brandlance if you need help with suggestions. Below are excellent tips to use when selecting a business identity.

Avoid Picking a Name that Sound Similar to Your Competitors

Yes, you might be on the lookout for a unique identity. Still, you can unknowingly end up with one that sounds like your competitor’s. Keep an eye out for your competitor’s branding.

Make sure your business tag does not confuse your customers. It should not also confuse your business and other businesses in your location. If your location has a company name, yours shouldn’t sound similar. For example, you have a “Warrior Bar” in your area; your company shouldn’t say “Warrior” Gym and Training Facility.” This can cause trademark infringement. You can be liable for a lawsuit, and your business can fail before it begins.

Your business should not share a similar identity with others. You want people to identify and differentiate your brand. You can avoid similarities by searching online. There you can identify company names. This will tell you if there are labels similar to yours. You can also check the US trademark office database. There you will find companies brands that have been registered. Make sure to do your search correctly. Check alternative spellings and acronyms. This will help you cover all areas.

Choose a Label that People Can Get Familiar with Easily

Your company’s label must be easily pronounced. People should also be able to spell it easily. Company’s get tired when their labels are difficult to pronounce and spell. When people find it challenging to understand your business, it can negatively affect your setup.

Stick with words that are easy and simple. Choose memorable words. Words that are catchy and stick to the brain. Avoid being too cute with abbreviations. Make sure your acronyms are easy to process and understand. Avoid hard to read acronyms. This will make your brand easy to understand.

Ensure Your Company’s Title is Web-Friendly

Your brand is most likely to have a website. It might even have a Facebook page as well. Most brands are active on all social media platforms. Before you begin your setup, make sure to do proper research. Find out if you can purchase a domain name that matches your setup.

When choosing domain names, makes sure it is simple. It should also be catchy and memorable. Unusual names might be cool with you but hard for others to grab. Your setup should be easy for clients to find online. For this, you have to choose easy and readable tags. 

People should find your Facebook and Instagram pages easily. Make your trade tag the same across all platforms. This will make it easy for potential clients to find. You can find more here on using social media to grow your business. 

Pick a Name that Represents Your Tech Brand

It helps a lot if your business title easily conveys your brand. People quickly understand what your setup is all about. This helps to attract customers and visitors to your setup quickly.

Before you begin your company, be sure what you want it recognized for. Afterward, you pick a title that represents that quality. Can “Subway Divers” be a fashion line? Does the tag convey the brand? Make sure your brand represents your business.

It isn’t the Best Idea to Use Your Name

Unless your brand is established, avoid using your name. this reflects and conveys nothing about your setup. Potential customers would not get the information they need. This can even cause headaches for you in the future. Take, for instance, you wish to sell your company. No one would be much interested in a company named after someone else.

There are few exceptions to this. Some companies have integrated their names into their brand, and it has worked for them. However, only a few entrepreneurs do this.

Find a Scalable Business Label

It is best that you pick a scalable label. One that can expand and grow your business. Your startup will succeed eventually. The growth does not have to call for a change in your company’s label. For this to happen, find a scalable label. One that can adapt to change. You might extend your setup to other locations. Make sure your label can encompass future growth.

Final Advice

Choosing a brand can be challenging, especially during startup. You need a label that matches your idea. You need people to identify and understand your brand quickly. The link here has more tips on corporate branding. 

The tips above will surely help you out. Just remember to seek advice from your friends and family. By doing so, you get a different point of view. This will help you come to a better conclusion.

Furthermore, you can still seek help from naming companies. These companies have experts that provide branding suggestions. They help decide on your brand identity. It takes the stress away from you.


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