SigNote: Release your Creative Side!

SigNote: Release your Creative Side!


SigNote iPhone App Review

SigNote is a great creative app that allows users the chance to adapt their current photographs with creative finishing touches! Graffiti effects, writing, photography overlapping, doodles, colours and stamps can all be added to any existing photo to completely change its look and feel. Release your creative side and adapt those photos to become exciting and unique!

Pros: SigNote is a fun and exciting app that will appeal to a wide audience of users. It is very user friendly, allowing its users to explore their creative and artistic side. The app supports multiple layers of images, which provides some fantastic visual effects. It’s quick and easy to change colours, resize and rotate images, creating a new and unique image each and every time. SigNote is extremely fun, addictive and a great time filling app. Photographs can have a personal touch by adding word balloons, doodles, stickers and multiple overlapping images with minimal effort.

Cons: In order to keep users hooked and engaged, the app may need future updates that could include more creative features, visuals and effects.


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