Review: Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter – Lets you listen to iPhone...

Review: Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter – Lets you listen to iPhone through your Car Stereo


Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter - iPhone Car Accessory

Since the dawning of the new age of technology, (i.e. post-iPhone,) there have been many items of consumerism that have fallen by the wayside, particularly when it comes to music. Gone are the Discmans and Hi-Fis of yesteryear, all we want is a cable to hook up our iPhone and we have a ready-made party! As for live music, now you don’t even have to leave your house to watch a gig, just hook up your iPhone to a live show and stream it online.

Another product that has seen a sharp decline in sales is the CD player in cars; there’s no use having that 5-disc changer in the boot linked up to your stereo, all the cool kids need is to connect up their iPhone to the car’s radio and we’ve got 5,000 albums at our fingertips! But what is the best way for to connect your iPhone to the stereo in your car? Well, we are going to review one of the latest Apple iPhone car accessories and see how it stands up to the old faithful CD-in-the-slot way of ‘soundtracking’ your journey.

The Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter utilizes FM technology with its in-built charger that hooks your iPhone directly into your car’s accessory socket, be it a custom-made socket or simply a cigarette lighter. Once you have connected the iTrip, simply press the SmartScan button that will search for the clearest radio frequency for your needs, then tune your radio in to that channel.

You can assign bespoke presets that allow you to tune directly into the frequency near your house without searching for a new station each time you leave the house and you can also toggle between stereo and mono play modes. If you are going on long journeys, it can be a good idea to switch from station to station by using the SmartScan button, as the frequency can get confused with local radio stations; just be sure to pull over to the side of the road when you are tuning the radio!

To get started with your Griffin iTrip, simply purchase one at any Apple shop or online, then download the free Griffin iTrip Controller App from the iTunes Store, then enjoy the rest of your journeys in musical bliss!

Price: $69.99

Buy From: FM transmitter and car charger for iPod & iPhone


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