4 Best Fitness Apps to Help Keep Gym Session Fresh and Fun

4 Best Fitness Apps to Help Keep Gym Session Fresh and Fun


The last few months have been hard on many people, and one of the biggest things affected was working out. As a result of quarantine and social distancing, people have had to look at alternative ways to stay in shape, with less motivation to keep going. Nowadays, fantastic fitness apps are designed to help you enjoy your gym sessions like music, interactive workouts, and features to track your progression. 

Many of these apps have challenges and competitions, and if you participate, you stand a chance to win. Here are the five best apps you need on your mobile to help keep your gym sessions fun and fresh.

Zombies, Run!

This app has quite an exciting and unique name; if you think about it, who wouldn’t run from a Zombie. The “Zombie, Run!” app is designed for running beginners, with a simulated feature of zombies chasing behind you. The audible survival experience is intended to run faster when you’re out jogging, with a points system that grades your run based on your running pace. 

The app is configured to sync with your music collection on your device while introducing in-app zombie scenarios during your run. Zombies, Run! will take your running experience to a whole new level while improving your fitness in a fun way. 


Fitocracy is one of a few fitness apps that have integrated gamification features loved by many. People generally are goal-oriented and love to move up in levels, just like in video games. The Fitocracy app brings this feature to boost your gym work ethic in a fun and motivating way. 

As you perform workouts at different levels, you get upgraded in the form of a character in World of Warcraft. Without putting too much pressure on yourself or the end goal, the app engages you in various published workouts, connects you to a community of users, and allows you to stay motivated with improvement.    

Nike+ Run Club

The Nike + Run Club app is one of the most popular fitness apps on this list. Over the years, the app has focused beyond just your physical health and aims to look after your mental health. One of the best ways to keep users improving on their goals is a monitored performance level and self-adjusted. 

The level and difficulty adjustment allow you to engage and stay accountable for your fitness goals and progress. Overcoming any set goals or in-app challenges makes you feel a sense of achievement, motivating you to keep chasing new levels.   

Fitbit App

If you don’t have this app installed already, you may have heard about it countless times on social media or amongst your friends. Fitbit is one of the longest-standing health and fitness apps, well known for heart rate monitoring, calorie-burn calculations, step counting, and more. 

One of the biggest reasons FitBit stays as one of the best and fun fitness apps is their ability to upgrade and invent themselves with technology. The app has a gamification feature that allows you to participate in games and create leaderboards with Facebook friends. Most of which you may already know.


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