Magic Pin is the Fun way to Trade Collectibles

Magic Pin is the Fun way to Trade Collectibles


If you’re a fan of Disney movies and the characters then you will certainly know about Disney Collectible Pins. Pins value can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Collectors usual trade, buy and sell pins depending on their popularity and price. Some people just wish to increase their collection and hold on to them hoping the value increase over time. Now you can do all the buying, selling and trading from the comfort of your home with the Magic Pin app.

MagicPin, developed by S&P Holbrook LLC., promises to be the #1 source of information on the wonderful world of Disney pins for collectors of all ages. The app makes this much easier. You can scan your Pin and add it to the marketplace. The Magic Pin app uses technology that will match up with others in their database to automatically find all the information that a collector needs to know. Once you confirm the Pin you can add it to your collection. You can easily place your Pins on title boards for a much better way of organising them. The marketplace is perfect for users to put up Pins for sale or to trade with others. You can also view other users Pins for sale so you can increase your collection. The app makes this convenient by adding a map so you can connect with other users whilst in Disney parks so you can meet up to trade. Paypal has been integrated within the app so users can buy Pins from around the world and get them shipped with complete peace of mind.

Magic Pin Board


Pins & Collectibles:

– Collect pins that depict your favourite characters, superheroes, monsters and childhood movies

– Scan pins in your collection to learn more information

– Name brand pins keep the magic of pin collecting alive


– Categorize your pins to organize your virtual collection

– Label by brand, movie, superhero or villain and more!

– Create digital pinboards to show off your collection to other pin collectors

Trade, Buy & Sell:

– Pin trading is easy with Magic Pin. Connect with users and discuss trades

– Buy your pin collectibles to complete sets and collections

– Sell pins to other pin collectors through the marketplace

Buy, sell and trade pins to create the ultimate pin collection!

Access all the pin trading features with a membership subscription: monthly $1.99, yearly $19.99, or lifetime $99.99. Additional pinboards and pin slots are available via in-app purchase.

Magic Pin is available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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