Apple Revolutionarizes Video Editing, launches Final Cut Pro X

Apple Revolutionarizes Video Editing, launches Final Cut Pro X

Apple Revolutionarizes Video Editing launches Final Cut Pro X
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Final cut pro is one of the most famous professions video editing software’s in the world. Over the years it has become the symbol for the kind of innovation Apple brings in its software and Applications.

With this new video editing software Apple has pushed the envelope even further. With the launch of Final cut pro X; Apple has put the market buzz on fire. The software offers many one of a kind features, its magnetic timeline allows you to edit your videos on a flexible and trackless canvas. It also allows Content auto analysis and is a 64 bit App. Apple has tagged the Final Cut Pro X at $299.9.

The story telling software

According to Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing; Final pro cut X is the biggest thing to hit the editing software market in years. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the industry have responded very enthusiastically to the new changes introduced in Final Cut Pro X.

Some of the biggest names of the Movie industry have tried their hands on this new device and have been very impressed by it. One of them is Academy award winner Angus Wall. He ranked this new software among the best and fastest in the market today. He further added that that Final Cut Pro X lets you focus on the story in ways that other software don’t.
The popular perception is that final cut allows you to make plethora of changes without losing on the technical detailing. One of the most impressive features is the Magnetic timeline. It lets you make instant selection in terms of clips. The synchronization offered by the software is also the best in the business. You can link primary story clips to other elements like sound and title in a seamless flow. You can combine various elements to form a single master clip. You can even compare multiple version of the same clip, this sought of comparison helps you understand how different variations appear on screen.

Content auto analysis

Content auto analysis is another very useful feature. It tags your imported clips with relevant information. The smart collection feature allows easy access to multiple clips. The tagging is done on the basis of close up, medium and wide shots.

Additional features

Final cut pro X is a 64 bit app, this is not only allows for better visual information while editing multiple clips. But making use of the latest Mac hardware and processing also makes for a faster work interface. It depends on multi threaded processing to provide quick background rendering and real time playback performance.

The available color line pipeline ensures color consistency while importing clips from your system or the Web. Generally editing software’s either change color information while importing the files or make up for it by adding other information, like resolution and bit rate.

With Final Cut Pro X this problem has been solved for once and all. It not only sustains the original information available in the clips but also offers a plethora of color options to choose from.

Price and availability

According to Apple’s official Website the new Final Cut Pro X is available for $299.9. Motion 5 and compressor 4 are tagged at $49.9. All these devices are only available from Mac App Store.

Market pundits do believe that it is one of the best professional editing software’s in the market. Backed by the superior processing and color information of Apple’s operating system, it is as good as it gets.

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