Proporta Twisted System – Portable Speakers

Proporta Twisted System – Portable Speakers

Proporta Twisted System
These speakers are clearly not going to pierce any eardrums, but for the price they pack a fair punch!

Please don’t allow these speakers on or near public transport; at only £25 they’re a bargain and could make it possible for kids on buses to be that bit more annoying. This author holds no responsibility for how these speakers are used.

Once out of the box Proporta’s budget speakers are very lightweight and the twisted way in which the speakers adjust is pretty nifty. The feel of the matt black plastic is sleek and durable. Producing a total peak power of 10 watts these speakers aren’t going to break any eardrums, but by the look of the spacey blue light, they should pack a punch.

Six AAA batteries seems a bit excessive but I find I’m mistaken and in actuality it’s only three and in the other speaker is a handy little place to keep some spares. The device can also be connected and powered via USB.

So I plug in my iPhone, switch it to shuffle and have a listen. At low volumes the sound is really clear and defined, there is not a huge amount of bass but you can’t really expect much from such small speakers. As a take the volume control to between 80% and 100% the sound does begin to distort and crackle which was a little disappointing. I was expecting a little more volume from these stylish little speakers. However the way in which the speaker twist is useful for directing the sound; maximizing the little power given out.

For the price just shy of £25 these speakers are cheap, portable and definitely a step up from just relying on the scratchy sound of the regular speaker. Proporta are not going to replace your stereo but compared with many other iPhone and iPod docks, the sound quality isn’t much different and these speakers are nearly half the price.

Price: £24.95

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