PUBG Mobile Tricks: 6 Pro Tips to Master Your Game

PUBG Mobile Tricks: 6 Pro Tips to Master Your Game


PUBG Mobile has successfully grabbed the attention of gamers all over the world due to the exciting and intense gameplay it offers. Over 444 thousand players play PUBG, and you can compete with players from every part of this world. There is no chance that the popularity of this game will decrease anytime soon because the number of active players is increasing with every passing year. 

If we were to describe this game, it can be said that all the players will be dropped in the play zone, where they have to survive by eliminating all other opponents. But in some cases, it has been seen that even the players who know almost everything about the game find it difficult to survive in the game. It is no surprise that players who are new to this game find it difficult to survive and win. That is why in this article, we will discuss some of the best pubg cheats that you can master to play this game without dying soon in the hands of your opponents. So, read on and prepare yourself to win whenever you play the game by applying these tricks. 

Control Customization

When you first start playing this game, by default, you will be moving in the game by using the stick on your left-hand side and by using your right thumb to aim and fire. Other than that, you crouch, pick weapons or access your backpack by using the right-hand side of your screen. In the settings, you can change the whole layout, and not only that, but you can also increase or decrease the size of buttons and their transparency. The facility of saving multiple customized layouts is also there. While playing, you can switch according to your needs to be most suitable for your gameplay.

Keep an Eye on the Map

You can put a marker on a place on the map, and by following that, you can decide the right time to jump off the plane. Moreover, while on the ground, you can track any movement by an enemy in close vicinity as it will be shown in the map in orange, which will be in the top right corner by default and as we have discussed earlier, you can change the location of the map in the control customization. If you keep an eye on the map, it will help you be safe in the battleground.

Auto Running

Whenever you are moving in the game, after pressing the left thumb and pulling it down, a running sign will appear on your screen. At that moment slide, the thumb in an upward direction, and your character will start running. In this sprinting mode, you need not keep a hold of the moving button. In the meantime, you can look around you without changing the direction of running by dragging the eye icon in your desired direction.

Put on Headphones

The sound that you will hear in this game is very crucial as it helps in surviving. Not having good quality headphones will not prevent you from succeeding in the game, as whenever an enemy hits you, a hit marker will appear on the screen, indicating the direction from which the bullet is coming. In PUBG, if you take the help of the directional audio, you will be able to know from which side the enemy is approaching. 

Use Both Your Hands While Shooting.

The firing button will be there on both sides of the screen. The functions of both these buttons are the same. It is better to use both of them when you are in combat. The presence of the button on both sides also makes it easy to shoot as your one hand will always be free to aim at the target. 

Move Your Phone to Aim at the Target

If you want to make aiming more accessible, you can choose an entirely different method of aiming. Turn on the Gyroscope in the gaming settings. You will be able to aim just by moving the whole screen just like we used to do in games such as Nintendo Switch and Wii U. in most cases, Gyroscope has proven to be helpful while sniping when you need to have finesse and controlled movement. 

Final Words

PUBG is a game that you can play any time of the day to get rid of boredom. It may be frustrating to die in a game, but the taste of success will be sweet. Implementing these 6 pro tips while playing the game will improve your performance in the game.


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