Five Smartphone Apps Useful During Accidents

Five Smartphone Apps Useful During Accidents


When thinking about car crashes, few people would consider phones to be helpful. The majority of distracted driving crashes in America are caused by phone use.

However, phones are not the actual cause themselves. What’s more, there are several smartphone applications that can prove helpful in the event of a car crash. Some of them can even help you get an accident report. Below, we will go through five smartphone apps that are useful during an accident.

Smartphone Apps That Are Useful During an Accident

If you have been searching for apps to improve your road safety and help you during a crash, you may find these five apps very helpful. These apps can help you in all the post-accident steps. What’s more, you can easily access some of them for free. 

1. iWrecked 

iWrecked combines a fantastic array of features that you will find very helpful if you ever crash your car. First, it gives you the option of saving emergency numbers upfront on your phone. The app will then send alerts to these numbers if you ever get into an accident. It also keeps a detailed log of your accident. Although such details may seem relatively trivial in the face of the dangers you face during an accident, they may come in handy in reporting the accident. With iWrecked, you will never have to worry about saving the contact details of towing companies. The app will do that for you! 

2. Car Accident Report 

If you are an iOS user, then this is the app for you. It helps you keep a detailed report of the accident. Using this app, you can take and store photos of the accident scene. It is essential for completing an accident report in the event of a car accident.

3. Help I Crashed My Car 

As with Car Accident Report, this app allows you to keep essential records from the car crash. It is exclusively fashioned for android systems and is very useful in keeping relevant information. With this app, you will find it easy to file a personal injury lawsuit against the offending party.  

4. SOSmart 

If you’re looking for a safety app that works for both iOS and android, then SOSmart is one you should consider. It allows you to save several emergency numbers. Your phone will then automatically reach out to these contacts in case you get into a crash. Convenient, right? The app uses your phone’s accelerator and its GPS to detect a crash. Another fantastic feature of this app is that it can give you directions to a nearby health center. This may be very helpful if you are in a new locality and unsure of where to get help.  

5. CamOnRoad 

Another app that is available to both iOS and Android users is the CamOnRoad app. This app will come in handy whenever you want to prove the at-fault party during an accident. It does this by taking video proof of the event. The app’s function is simple; it uses your phone as a camera and GPS while you drive. This way, it records the exact time and location of the accident. What better way to get proof of your innocence than this? 

Let Your Phone Do the Talking

Keeping track of accident details after an injury is never easy. The car crash may leave you dazed or even unconscious. But with these smartphone safety apps, nobody can shift the blame to you. You will be able to keep track of all the accident details even if you pass out. They will also increase your safety and keep your loved ones informed at all times.


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