4 Apps to Help You Test Your Desktop and Mobile Device Speed

4 Apps to Help You Test Your Desktop and Mobile Device Speed


Is there anything more frustrating than slow internet? Do lagging pages and poor connections suppress your productivity and leave you questioning the quality of your devices or internet provider? If you’re finding your download and upload speeds aren’t living up to your expectations, then you can always compare which speeds are available in your area and consider switching. Sometimes a simple speed test can shine a little light on this issue. And as is the case with everything, there’s an app for that!

How Fast is Your Internet?

Before diving into our list of v, it’s important to get back to the basics so that you can ensure you have a proper understanding of what impacts internet speeds and which factors come into play.

People often ask whether bandwidth or speed is more important and quickly realize that they don’t truly understand what they’re asking. In reality, bandwidth is about capacity – not speed. 

According to Invision, bandwidth is how much data is capable of being transferred and processed at a given moment in time. Speed is directly impacted by how many devices are processing that data at the moment. 

In other words, if you have a 10GB internet connection with 10 devices connected, each device has access to 1GB of bandwidth. The speed of each device will depend on factors like router type, cabling, modem, and other network-related elements.

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Not sure how these latter factors are impacting your internet speeds? This is where various speed testing apps come into play. Here are a few of the best ones out there:

1. Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is one of the best internet speed and network diagnostic apps available. It’s estimated that more than 10 million people use the website and apps daily, which arguably makes it the most trusted name in speed testing.

Aside from its accuracy, ease of use is the number one selling point of Ookla. You simply tap a button and it automatically runs tests to gauge download upload speeds in Mbps. It also provides information on which server you’re using, connection types, and internet provider.

Speedtest can be used for free on a desktop web browser, as well as on iOS, Android, Windows, and Apple TV. 

2. SpeedSmart

Looking for a no-frills speed tester that gives you the information you need without any account setups or logins? SpeedSmart is one of the best. It’s a simple and accurate speed test that can be used across any device and with any web browser. Whether you’re on an iPhone that’s operating on the latest iOS update, or an old Windows desktop, you can quickly and easily get the insights needed without unnecessary distractions.

If you decide to set up an account, SpeedSmart can also keep track of your speeds and connections over time and provide a detailed report that shows you any changes, improvements, or declines. 

3. Speedtest Master

The Speedtest Master is designed for iPhones and is available exclusively on the Apple App Store. It has three main features and uses, but is surprisingly technical and accurate.

The app’s Ping Test feature can be used to check your network stability during periods of heavy lagging or delays. The Network Diagnosis feature can be run to diagnose any issues that are slowing down speeds. And finally, the Wi-Fi Spy Detector actively detects all devices that are currently connected to WiFi to identify culprits. 

4. V-SPEED Speed Test

While the speed testing apps listed above will provide quick and easy readouts of your interent speeds, they’re designed with mass appeal and user-friendliness in mind. If you’re more technical and want fully customizable speed tests, consider V-SPEED.

V-SPEED, which is available for both Apple and Android, is a cloud-managed test that’s frequently used to measure bandwidth and perform advanced tests and diagnostics. And with an automatic selection of test parameters that adjust based on the type of connection (3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi, etc.), results are accurate.

Correcting Slow Internet Speeds

Do you have web pages that load slowly? Do downloads fail to fully complete because of a saturated internet connection? Do web forms take so long to complete that they eventually time out? Are you tired of slow, clunky internet processes?

These speed testing apps will help you put some concrete data behind your intuitive assumptions. From there, you can implement specific steps to improve your internet speeds so that you can put the days of frustrating lags and delays behind you. 


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