Three new iphone 4 cases by Proporta reviewed

Three new iphone 4 cases by Proporta reviewed


We all love our iPhone’s.  They are like our children, only much, much less annoying, (except of course, when the screen’s freeze and you have to spend half an hour rebooting them and…oh well, they’re still better than Blackberries.)  Anyway, seeing as we love them so much, we want to protect them as much as possible; wrapping them up in cotton wool is unfeasible and would almost certainly affect their usability, so, luckily for us, Proporta have developed a range of cases that will guard them the dangers of the world and make them look cool to boot!

Proporta Impact Protective Crystal Back Shell

crystalcase iphone 2

This case is probably the most practical of the three, with an incredibly tough, yet smooth crystal case that envelopes the iPhone 4, offering it unbeatable protection.  There is no way that you are going to scratch your phone with this case covering it, as it also comes with a peel off screen protector that will shield the screen from the hazards of daily life, keys, pocket change, etc.  The usability is second to none, and the sleek design means that you will never have to remove your phone from its protective case.  It comes in four different colours, so you can go for a subtle black case that will look as if your iPhone has simply grown a little, or a flashy blue, pink or red casing that will certainly attract attention.

Price: £14.95
Buy from:

Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather Case

leather case iphone 4

With a black leather casing, white stitch work around the edges and a magnetic clasp, this truly is the rock star of the bunch.  Your iPhone will never look so cool as it does encased in its leather wrap, the flip screen cover protecting the phone from any potential dangers and cleverly inserted cut outs allowing your charger and camera to function while the phone is in the case.  The casing will also shield it from being placed on a damp bar or from rough and tumble journeys in handbags or backpacks; the only downside is that it looks so good that you may begin to want a protective casing for your protective casing…

Price: £29.95
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Proporta Soft Feel Silicone Case


For those who want their iPhone to slide easily into their pockets with the minimum of hassle and bulk in your clothes, then this case could be an option for you.  The silicon casing has a smooth, almost slippery feel to it as it wraps itself around your iPhone, protecting the back of it from scratches and other damage; it’s difficult to believe that it would absorb that much shock if it is dropped, yet it comes with a grip on the sides so that this should, (hopefully) not be an issue.  IT certainly wins in the sleek, subtle and stylish stakes, however you may not be able to shake the feeling that your phone now feels a bit like a condom…if you’re fine with this, then go ahead!

Price: £14.95
Link to buy this:

iPhone 4 Metallic Glider Case – Black – by casecrown


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