The world of sports is immensely diversified, and keeping track of everything is only possible if you sit in front of a screen 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you’re not one of them, I recommend exploring the top 10 mobile apps for watching sports live to see which ones will help you stay connected to the world of competition and excitement at all times. An adrenaline surge while cheering on your favorite team is sometimes all it takes for a gamer to dive headfirst into the action. Here are the best Live Sports apps for streaming and watching live TV on your device for free.

Formula 1

For iOS and Android, Formula 1 has its own official app. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive application available. Users can follow race results in real time, the most important news after each Grand Prix, driver and team classifications, as well as the newest news and exclusive footage from the most popular and prestigious championships in the world of motorsport, through a free edition with restricted capabilities. A subscription or an annual pass allows users to access an excellent digital base. This version includes the ability to know the schedule by sectors with intervals and breaks, operational information about tires and technical stops, access to team broadcasts or race control messages. 

In the meantime, those who want to live the driving experience choose Mercedes Benz monthly rental in Dubai to drive it around the famous Formula 1 circuits in Dubai. Today, luxury car rental has become a convenient and affordable service for everyone, giving the best driving experience on rental cars for every taste. Therefore, if you have already played football with friends in the yard imagining yourself as a Champions League player, then feel free to take your sports fantasies to a new level.


Every sports fan is certainly familiar with the ESPN channel. The United States has long gone outside its borders, broadcasting sporting events around the world. The ESPN app is a must-have if you’re a die-hard fan of baseball, basketball, American football, and other American sports. It will appeal to anyone who is interested in sports, despite the fact that it is a scam. Aside from the aforementioned, you can watch hockey, golf, football (all major leagues), MMA, boxing, practically all types of racing, and tennis using the program.

Live NetTV

Net TV is one of the most widely used Live TV, Sports, Movies, and Live TV apps. Over 700 channels from a number of countries are available in the app, including the United Kingdom, the United States, the Middle East, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and many others. For simpler access, the app has a straightforward design that organizes different types into sections. With this software, you may watch every sport on the earth in real time.

BBC Sports

Active followers of British sports culture can use this app to stay up to speed on all of their favorite athletes’ events in a secure manner. You can link broadcasts of British football, golf, cricket, tennis, and rugby in the app. There is also a news feed that covers all sporting events, with the most attention paid to matches in the United Kingdom.

Dedicated to all fans of British sports and British journalism. The application is focused for the first time and exclusively on those who are fond of sports from Foggy Albion – football, rugby, cricket, tennis and golf. The only thing missing is snooker.

The BBC covers the above sports thoroughly (and exclusively British clubs), but for the rest it only gives a news feed and short results with links to specialized resources. It turns out that through the application you can follow everything from archery to rowing. What can I say, the British give an exhaustive list of news even on squash and pentathlon! Still, don’t underestimate the BBC.


In terms of shape, the design is minimalistic. Developer pranks provide the possibility to select only one team and one national team as favorites. In addition, for easier browsing, you can select the championships and leagues that interest you. There is no distinct news portal in the program; everything is pulled from the associated official sources of clubs and foreign portals.

The match center is simple and organized, with two tabs for favorites and all matches, which is quite useful. The first displays matches from specified clubs and leagues, while the second displays all matches. The primary statistics, text broadcasts of the important events, and the starting lineup are all available during the match. As an added benefit, you’ll be able to gamble on a specific side and be named “Man of the Match.” 

For a specific match, push alerts can be enabled. They are immediately established for a specific club – nothing unique about that, except for the ability to follow replacements, which other applications lack.


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