Alchemy Stars celebrates 10 million global registrations with the Endgame Ocean Sovereign...

Alchemy Stars celebrates 10 million global registrations with the Endgame Ocean Sovereign event, two new characters and a new feature


Since its fairly recent release in mid-June, Alchemy Stars has gained such a massive following that it just recently reached another milestone – 10 million global registrations. That is no small feat, considering the game has only been around for 3 months.

In order to celebrate that and the summer holidays, players can partake in the Endgame event called Ocean Sovereign. This event is time-limited and was unlocked in six different stages. Each stage was released from September 9th until September 14th, and players can select their desired Strategy. Depending on the strategy, a different approach is necessary, resulting in different difficulties. The harder a challenge is to complete, the better the rewards!

During this event, two new characters are also available for players to collect, albeit for a limited time. These characters are Smokey and Genevieve, two Fire Converters that possess massive firepower, making them mandatory for a few specific team comps.

These new Aurorians are not the only new additions to the game though. A new feature has also been added along with the Ocean Sovereign event, and this feature was arguably a must-have. It’s the Outfit system. Five new alternative looks for some beloved characters have been released, as follows: 

·         Sea Voice outfit for Uriah

·         Ray of Sunshine outfit for Vice

·         Black Lagoon outfit for Kleken

·         Sea Breeze outfit for Carleen

·         Onyx Iris outfit for Eicy

Celebrations continue with some log in rewards, which players can claim by simply opening the game. If you didn’t log in yet, now is your chance, since the event will run until September 29th.

Alchemy Stars is available worldwide on iOS and Android. For more information and updates about the game, check out the official FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram


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