MacBook Air and Pro LA robe Moorea Cases: Essential To Protect Your...

MacBook Air and Pro LA robe Moorea Cases: Essential To Protect Your Notebook


MacBook Air and Pro LA robe Moorea Cases

We all love our iDevices and want to protect them from the world’s extremities, so why should our notebooks be any different? The LA robe Moorea is a brightly-coloured range of sleeves designed to protect your MacBook whilst also keeping it looking as cool as it possibly can look.

Working with French Graphic Designer Pierre Budestschu, be.ez offer a portable, travel-friendly and durable sleeve, with an intricate floral design that is apparently inspired by the concept of ‘paradisiac’ Pacific islands, Moorea being a French Polynesian island, for those of you who didn’t pay attention in Geography!

You can get this funky little case in a variety of colours, from but I went for light blue, which apparently brings out my eyes, according to the sarcastic jerk in the coffee shop down the road. Enjoy!


• Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu) Technology
• Robe protection Thickness 5MM
• Trendy, Unique Design
• Inner Lip for maximum protection
• Stand alone or in your bag
• No more Scratches for your Notebooks


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