Drummer Pad: We Really Wanna See Those Fingers

Drummer Pad: We Really Wanna See Those Fingers

Drummer Pad iPad App Review
Will this App Get Your Fingers Tapping?

I’m sure by now everyone who owns an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad has had a go on an app like this; a virtual drum kit on your screen which you can tap to recreate the various sounds of a real life drum kit.

The most common of these apps that I have seen across a number of i-devices is CrimsonJet’s very popular ‘Drum Kit’, but how does this new app differ? Well for a start the drums are not set out in a conventional way, rather than having a full drum kit the developers have gone for a more abstract selection of different sized and coloured circles. This layout does go some way to solving the problem of accidentally hitting the wrong part of the kit but it doesn’t really make for a big enough difference from a lot of other apps out there that are doing the same thing.

Pros: It’s very simple to use and includes nice, clear graphics.

Cons: Without certain features such as volume control, customization and recording abilities; this app feels almost incomplete.

Drummer Pad will keep you amused for awhile but without any real hook that differentiates it from all the other drum apps out there; it doesn’t have a unique enough selling point to be much more than average.


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