Dream Track Nation: Make your motoring dreams a reality!

Dream Track Nation: Make your motoring dreams a reality!


Dream Track Nation iPad App Review
Do you look at F1 races and say to yourself “my mother could do better than that?!” well if so, you have to check out this game.

Dream Track Nation is a sideways on game that takes some elements from Motor Cross games and some elements from the likes of LittleBig Planet. For example you are challenged to drive from the start flag through a variety of topsy-turvy assault courses tracks. Some of these courses are fairly basic and are really just a test to see whether you know the difference between the accelerator and the brake pedal.

As you will swiftly discover, you will need to move the handheld to maintain balance and pull off stunts like the back-flip and forward roll – which don’t just look impressive but also give you vital seconds to the clock.

There are a number of courses for you to master in four worlds. The best thing of all though by far is that you have a virtually unlimited opportunity to build your own courses and then share these with others (and of course find other courses to try your driving skills at).

The design element of the game is pretty fiddly on the small screen of the iPhone, you can switch and rotate the ground ‘blocks’ and plot them into the desired place. At any stage you can also practice the actual course built to test any flaws and fix them.

Overall, this game is two games in one, you can either play it or build it, depending on your mood. It’s just a shame you can’t set the clock and do some other bits and pieces, however, I’ve been screaming out for a game that allows you to create your own world and this is superb!


  • Race pre-made courses
  • Build your own courses
  • Share your courses with others


  • Controls are a little hap-hazard
  • It’s pretty fiddly placing the course blocks in place and making adjustments
  • Having boosts and other things would be great to add


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