Jabra HALO2 Bluetooth Stereo Headset: The Ultimate Present

Jabra HALO2 Bluetooth Stereo Headset: The Ultimate Present


If anyone is stuck for what to get a music lover for Christmas then we have the answer for you; the Jabra HALO2 headphone set has to be one of the most impressive headsets that we have come across in a while and it can be yours for under $100.

The first thing that you notice about the Jabra HALO2 is that it has the options to be both wireless and ‘wired’; i.e. it’s covering both bases with its users in that some people prefer to be connected directly into their music device, whereas others prefer the freedom of going wire-free. You can control the headphones from any BlueTooth device, as well as being able to switch the volume up and down on the side of the actual headphones.

The design of the headphones is sleek and slim and a pair of joints in the headband allow the earpieces to be folded neatly away for storage, a particularly nice touch. They certainly win points in the ‘cool’ stakes, with a plain black finish to the main design and silver-rimmed earpieces completing what is a very aesthetically pleasing set of headphones.

Fold the earpieces away for neat storage.

However, what we are more concerned with here at iPhoneAppCafe is the sound quality; it’s all very well looking pretty, but if the basic sound is duff, forget about it. Luckily, the Jabra HALO2 comes up trumps in these stakes as well! With a virtual surround sound element it really does feel like you are in your own little world (careful when crossing roads!), as the noise blackout function takes some beating.

Another incredible feature is that you can connect the headphones to two different devices at the same time; just set it up to two Bluetooth devices and away you go! This can be particularly useful when you enable the ‘Calls’ function, which automatically pauses your music whilst you take a call, then restarts it at the same point.

All in all, the Jabra HALO2 is a fantastic set of headphones; it’s not too cheap at $80.11, however you should see the expenditure as an investment seeing as you won’t have to replace these for a very long time.

Link: Jabra HALO2 Bluetooth stereo headset
Price: $80.11


  1. OMG, Just got these headphones and they are AMAZING!!! The sound quality is unbelievable and they look super cool. Thanks iPhoneAppCafe!!!!!!!!!


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