OvenBreak Infinity: An Eye-melting Game of Colour and Gingerbread Men

OvenBreak Infinity: An Eye-melting Game of Colour and Gingerbread Men


OvenBreak Infinity iPhone App Review

Jump, slide, jump, jump, swing, slide – the controls on OvenBreak Infinity are hardly the most complex. But that’s where it’s winning; it’s the sheer simplicity of the game that makes it so playable.

You take control of a gingerbread trying to escape an oven and, presumably, some hungry children intent on eating your head. The game then sends you hurtling forward as you try to hurdle objects, jump and swing over gaps and slide underneath obstacles. Along the way you collect jellybeans to score points, and letters that spell ‘freedom’ to help restore lives. The pace is frantic and surviving is all about building a rhythm – a rhythm that the game will try to constantly disrupt.

The game is well animated, but suffers somewhat for being overly garish. Some of the scenes are so vivid that it’s like bathing your eyes in melted Skittles and acid. At points I thought that if I didn’t complete the level soon I’d end up a gibbering, twitching wreck on the floor, staring blindly into space with kaleidoscope eyes. Another drawback is the game was unresponsive at times, refusing to jump when you say jump, let alone asking how high.

That said, this is a better than average time waster, with enough colourful scrolling madness to keep you coming back for more.

Pros: Simple but effective game-play.

Cons: So brightly coloured it may cause you to have a fit mid-game.


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