Hex Empire: Risk For The iPhone

Hex Empire: Risk For The iPhone

Hex Empire iPhone App Review
Conquer The World

Anyone that’s ever played a turn based strategy game will instantly get the idea of Hex Empire; use your army to take over neighbouring cities and conquer the world!

This game isn’t trying to be anything super new and modern; it’s an old-school geekfest and proud. You take it in turns to move your army, defend your city or attack the enemy. It’s a simple tap and select style game, with a few glitches thrown in here and there.

Whether intentionally or not the menu screens are quite difficult to navigate, with options not being very clear at times. When selecting your army, a pop up option menu wouldn’t go amiss as there is some confusion as to whether you’ve actually selected something or not.

Pros: A nostalgic little game with a good sense of humour thrown in.

Cons: Menu screens, selections and most aspects of the user interface need to be improved.

Although there are quite a few problems with the game there is something fun and appealing about it, the right updates could greatly improve Hex Empire and make it much more engaging.


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