Brasso Gadgetcare: A Great Cleaning Accessory For iPhone and iPad

Brasso Gadgetcare: A Great Cleaning Accessory For iPhone and iPad


Brasso Gadgetcare: A Great Cleaning Accessory For iPhone and iPad

When given my first product to review I was hoping for a brand new iPad or some killer speakers but instead I was given a cleaning gel from Brasso called Gadgetcare. Needless to say I wasn’t initially overcome with excitement, as like most, I am rarely excited by the prospect of cleaning. However, as I type this on a laptop that now seems new while using my spotless iPhone 4 to research it I find myself pondering how a product I never thought I needed could become something I now don’t think I could live without…

The people from Brasso have been in the cleaning business for over 110 years so it’s safe to assume that they have acquired a fair bit of cleaning experience during this time. The brand has made a recent foray into the tech business with Gadgetcare the answer to the sticky fingered texters/tweeters/facebookers etc among us. The Gadgetcare package comes with 50ml bottle of cleaning gel and a microfiber cloth to protect the screens you clean. The product supposedly features the following three pronged attack on your filthy electronics:

1: It cleans & shines – as aforementioned this is something that I can attest to. I have tested Gadgetcare on my laptop, phone and television and they all, despite abuse no electronics should have to endure, look brand spanking new.

2: Anti-Static Technology – As well as cleaning Gadgetcare claims to contain “anti-static” which is used to repel dust particles which means you will keep your gadgets cleaner for longer.

3: Armed with Silicone – Gadgetcare also comes equipped with a thin layer of liquid silicone which is the heat resistant rubber like substance used to coat and protect your device from your drunken 3:00 am text fingers.

From my successful test of Gadgetcare I can tell you that the product can be used by any semi-functioning human being. The process is simple, just apply a few drops of the gel to your microfiber cloth and clean whatever needs to be cleaned. Unlike water, which previously unbeknownst to me can damage your system the gel does not leave streaks or residue on your screen. Essentially and refreshingly Gadgetcare does exactly what it promises in their press release “Give’s a brilliant shine on all of your gadgets.” I haven’t tested the brands claims that it is versatile and equally effective on silver, metal, plastic or glass but I have no use for this so if anyone wants to try it out please do so and leave a comment below.

The price at £4.99 seems more than reasonable for keeping your prized electronics in ribbon winning condition and I personally am a sold customer on its merits simply due to the fact I can now see my computer screen. I just wish it could clean my office without me having to move a finger.

By: Brasso
Price: £4.99
Link: Brasso GadgetCare



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