iVideoCamera: Never miss a moment!

iVideoCamera: Never miss a moment!

iVideoCamera iphone app review
Capturing moments, building memories!

Life is full of unexpected and unplanned moments in which we all encounter. The key is to capture these moments and yet again, our beloved iPhone and the iVideoCamera app can help. iVideoCamera records and captures these magnificent moments and turns them into memories that you can save and share with others.

This is a great app for recording any footage, which it then automatically saves in the apps library. This is a fantastic feature as it stores the date, footage length and the size of each recording and allows you to rename and share each video. Therefore, all your videos are organised and stored together. The share feature offers a large selection of options from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, email and more! There is also a Wi-Fi share option, which is a helpful addition when transferring larger files of recordings across a Wi-Fi connection.

A fantastic visual feature of this application is the free added effects, which you can include on any recording. Some favourites include the snow falling effect, sparkles, heat and water effects, live breaking news banners and scrolling text across the screen that can be personalised to suit the video recording. These effects add a twist to any video and make them interesting and entertaining! There are also additional effects that you can purchase. The zoom option suits the iPhone perfectly, as you simply double touch the screen to zoom in and out whilst recording. The zoom modes include x2 and x4, which gives a close enough view and then back to no zoom.

This application provides good sound and video quality and is a handy and convenient application for all those unplanned moments in life that you want to capture and share. The app allows you to begin recording from the first touch so you’ll never need to worry about missing anything again. Just ensure you have sufficient storage space on your iPhone and make use of the high/low resolution feature, which could in turn speed up your download and transfer times.


  1. Great review. I’ll be trying it out on my little girl and adding some effects. There’s always unplanned moments with toddlers. Thanks 🙂


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