Bracketron Style-iT: 2-in-1 Stylus And Ballpoint Pen

Bracketron Style-iT: 2-in-1 Stylus And Ballpoint Pen


Bracketron Style-iT iPhone Accessory

If you suffer from a smudgy screen after playing too much Angry Birds, or you can never seem to find a pen when you’re on the phone to that all important client who’s about to tell you that majorly important information; then you might just need to get yourself one of these.

The Style-iT is a sleek stylus combined with a ballpoint pen that provides added control on your touch screen device while keeping it smudge-free. The built-in pen is convenient for quick note taking, and an integrated clip makes it easy to store in your pocket, briefcase or notepad.

The Style-iT comes in black and white as well as a variety of colours that match those of the Apple Smart Covers, including orange, green, pink and blue, basically you’ll find one to match any taste.

This is a handy tool when using apps that require a more accurate touch such as sketching, drawing, writing and photography. Having an omni-directional tip means that the stylus can adapt to any kind of hand grip and writing styles, right or left handed.

While not completely different from other ranges of stylus out there, the added feature of the ballpoint pen makes this an accessory that crosses over from brand new, fancy technology to good old fashioned pen and paper.

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Price: $24.95


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