Bagis: Efficient Noise Reduction Earphones From Urbanears

Bagis: Efficient Noise Reduction Earphones From Urbanears


Urbanears Bagis Teal
Urbanears Bagis Teal

Urbanears produce a wide range of headphones and earphones in exciting, dramatic colours; but is it all style and no substance? I got to check out the Bagis range (in-ear earphones) to find out.

The Bagis is described and a compact version of the full Urbanears experience, which includes some nifty features to help you achieve maximum enjoyment from your music. You have a choice of 3 different sleeves for the ear pieces which helps you find the perfect fit for your ear and also helps keep outside noise out. The cord is made up of part rubber housing and part fabric to help eliminate those annoying friction noises. Apparently the fabric cord is tangle resistant which will come in very hand when it’s moving around in the bottom of my junk-filled bag.

My favourite additional feature has to be the Snap construction; the back of the earplugs connect together so you can simply clip them around your neck when they’re not needed, or when you’re rudely interrupted from your “music time” by someone who clearly doesn’t understand how important it is to listen to this song, right now, uninterrupted!

All these features are great, but what’s really the most important aspect of a pair of earphones? The sound of course! With a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz you really are getting some good quality sound. I often find earphones to be lacking in the bass department or quickly losing bass as soon as the earplug moves slightly – I cannot say this for the Bagis, the bass sounds great and treble tones are clear and crisp without being too sharp. All in all these earphones sound as cool as they look!

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Price: £25


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