Floria: Side Scroll Through The Seasons

Floria: Side Scroll Through The Seasons


Floria iPhone App Review

You are Floria; a little flower that’s being blown along by the spring breeze. All is not as cute as it first seems…it doesn’t stay spring forever! So catch a booster breeze and avoid some nasty nature to get as far as you can before winter comes.

A big bonus for this game is the graphics – apart from the fact that Floria itself could do with standing out a bit more – the background looks fantastic and the various blacked-out obstacles provide a menacing contrast reminiscent of the fantastic Indie game Limbo.

The controls are basic, which is just what you need for a side scrolling, floaty, flowery game of this kind. You simply tilt your device up and down to move Floria in those directions and you can also tilt left and right to decrease or increase the speed of which you are travelling.

Pros: A nice little pick-up-and-play game with great looking graphics.

Cons: It’s not particularly challenging and could do with different play modes to keep you interested.


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