Wicked Audio: 3D Series

Wicked Audio: 3D Series


Wicked Audio 3D Series

These days headphone are not only about being able to listen to music on the move or blocking out the nattering of businessmen during the rush hour commute; they are a fashion statement. And Wicked Audio knows this.

The 3D series comes in three different models; Hero, X-Ray and Airline. All three have distinct designs to appeal to different tastes. As well as looking good, the headphones are designed for comfort. Along with the usual padded earcups and adjustable headband, the earcups themselves swivel, meaning you can find the perfect fit for your ears.

The fashion element is all well and good, but to be a truly great pair of headphones the sound has to live up to the status of ‘Wicked Audio’. Thought has been put into having a great sound experience, with noise isolation to inhibit ambient noises and a built-in volume control on the 4ft long chord to ensure maximum control of what you’re listening to.

Now for the techies that know their stuff, here are the specs;

Driver – 40mm
Sensitivity – 112 dB
Impedance – 32 ohm
Frequency – 20-20,000 Hz
Cord Length – 4 ft/1.2 Meters

The 3D series are definitely fashionable headphones with trend-setting designs, but as well as the fashion conscious amongst us, music lovers looking for a decent pair of comfortable headphones will find this new range just as appealing.

Website: www.wickedheadphones.com
Price: $29.99


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