Vroom!: Become A Truck Driving Zombie Killer

Vroom!: Become A Truck Driving Zombie Killer

Vroom iPhone App Review
Hillbilly Zombie Smashing

Vroom! is a zombie racing game, consisting of the player driving around in a rusty truck, running over zombies and trying to gain the best lap time.

Anyone who has ever played a game like Crazy Taxi or Grand Theft Auto will get the idea; try to hit people rather than avoiding them! Unlike those two landmark games, this game is ONLY about hitting people (zombies) with your truck. A few missions of game objectives wouldn’t go amiss…

The graphic style of this game is very appealing to the eye, with 3D landscapes and clear and colourful surroundings and objects. This is all great, but unfortunately the controls make this game a bit frustrating. The truck is a little hard to control at times and it’s quite hard to get round corners. One other problem I’ve found is that the break and accelerate buttons are at the top of the screen rather than the usual placements at the bottom. I personally find this positioning a bit awkward and it would be ideal if there was an option for alternative layouts.

Pros: No doubt this is a fun and colourful game, anyone who enjoys ‘racing against the clock’ style gameplay will find this appealing.

Cons: There is currently a lack of content to this game, different racing modes and challenges would be a great addition, as well as the ability to collect coins and buy different trucks and items. Improvements to the control of the vehicle would be excellent.

With more content and a few improvements here and there, Vroom! has the potential to be a really fun zombie killing game.


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