VooMote Zapper: A Next Generation Remote Control

VooMote Zapper: A Next Generation Remote Control


Convert your iOS device into an impressively smart universal remote that controls virtually all of your A/V gear and allows you to conveniently find your favourite TV shows. Once you’ve download the free VooMote Zapper app you have full control over hundreds of thousands of electronic devices.

This gadget is as small as a paperclip and easily plugs into the 30-pin connector on your iOS device. The app features a TV guide which allows you to customise favourite TV shows and display channel schedules.

The app itself is fully customizable, allowing you to optimize the layout of your remote. Users can also utilize the Edit Mode to create macros that execute functions with one touch. The Room Control and One View features mean that you can categorize your infrared devices by room location and also control multiple devices with the touch of a button on your touch screen.

With a choice of eleven bold coloured cases and an array of customising options, the VooMote Zapper is a nifty accessory for anyone trying to control a multitude of electronic devices within their home.

Available at: www.zero1.tv


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