Snowball Run: Abominable Fun

Snowball Run: Abominable Fun


Snowball Run iPad App Review
Kids love snow… as do adults… there’s something lovely about the freezing cold stuff that makes it arguably the best fun around. Take snowballs for example or snow angels and making snowmen, all of these things are impossible to do with anything else and as for watching people slip over, well that usually ensures hours of entertainment to be found on Youtube!

So taking something as cool (if you pardon the pun) and fun as snow and add a cuddly abominable snowman relying on your skills of reaction speed to ensure you don’t end up flattened by a massive snowball is a pretty certain combo for hours of entertainment.

What you must do is tilt the device from left to right to move the yeti from side to side to move into or out of the path of certain objects. Some items you come across will help you out; others will cause you to get closer than comfortable with the relentless snowball.

To clear the way of the bad items you will need to recall what sequence of moves you need to do to remove them from the game. For example a bird will need to be swept out of the way, a rock needs tapping twice, an ice cream cone gives you points if you collect it but blinds you temporarily if you tap it, a yak needs tapping then sweeping off screen, a tree needs a wiggle motion and the fart ability (which clears the screen of all objects) is activated by shaking the device. Needless to say you need to stay sharp and have quick reactions to ensure you don’t become an icicle!

This is a cracking little game and one that will certainly keep you playing for a while. Overall, you have to be a bit barmy if you don’t find yourself rather endeared to the game. Just remember not to let anything get past you or the snowball will grow and your game is over!


  • Pretty good fun
  • Addictive
  • Lots of challenging obstacles to overcome


  • It’s all very samey
  • Some motions proved unresponsive especially when too much is on the screen obscuring the view


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