Top 6 Portable Radio Headsets to Consider

Top 6 Portable Radio Headsets to Consider


If you love music, like many other people, then you want to ensure you have the best listening experience possible, right? If so, then you may begin searching for quality radio head sets. Unfortunately, you are going to quickly discover there are more than a few options to choose from. As a result, you need to take some time to make sure you find the right headset for your particular needs. While you can begin with a site such as The Great Device, you can also use the information here. When you are informed, you will quickly discover that you can make an educated decision regarding what to purchase.

1. The TF FM Radio Headset

In addition to being great looking, this headset also sounds amazing. It offers the combination of music and sports fun, which certainly can’t be beat. This headset is able to support both FM radio, as well as TF. When you don’t have the TF card installed and the power to the headset is on, it will work automatically as an FM radio. Additionally, when you have turned the power to the headset on, and the TF card is inserted, it will work as an mp3 player. The headset comes with 16GB of memory built in and includes a USB power cable. You can use the five-voltage USB charger to provide a recharge, which usually takes between two and three hours. Once fully charged, you can use it in MP3, WMA and FM formats for up to eight hours non-stop.

Features of the TF FM Headset

  • Provides FM and MP3 capabilities
  • Easy to charge
  • Offers eight hours of non-stop play
  • Includes TF card

2. Sport Wireless Headset

The new blue color of this headset really helps it stand out and demand attention. The extremely fast reception and high velocity of this headset are considered its most appealing qualities and when it is in FM mode, it can be used completely wirelessly. This headset comes with a plug and play design, which means getting started is a breeze. It is also 100 percent unique, and extremely versatile. The device has an extremely ingenious look, a versatile power jack and a smart ear jack. When it comes to file transfers, it works lightning fast and it is a lightweight and convenient device.

Features of the Sport Wireless Headset

  • Power jack included
  • Extremely fast file transfers
  • New blue color
  • Extremely fast reception

3. Tayoga Radio Receiver

When it comes to amazing features, it doesn’t get much better than what the Tayoga headset has to offer. This headset is not only pretty stylish regarding the design, it is also completely water-resistant. It has been designed with an extremely robust IPX8, which is suitable for swimmers, surfers and walk/runners. It is considered one of the smallest, and the easiest to wear headphones available on the market today. It offers superior comfort, FM streaming, and superior comfort thanks to the easy-to-wear headphones. It provides users with bandwidths of between 76MHz up to 108MHz and it will automatically search for any functional stations. Thanks to the USB plug, you can use any USB charger system to get your system up and running. It also works with a high-quality transmitter to be used with underwater training, as well as other water-related purposes.

Features of the Tayogo Radio Receiver

  • It is completely waterproof making it ideal for swimmers, surfers, etc.
  • High quality transmitter for underwater use
  • Comfortable to wear for longer periods of time
  • Small and easy to wear

4. The RadioShack Stereo Headset 12-590

When it comes to your listening pleasure, freedom is key. The control unit has been installed in a strategic location and located nearby the ear cups, which makes it easy to tune and to alternate functions. The device also has a built in antenna that provides better reception and signal strength than other models. In addition to the foam ear cushions, as well as the adjustable headband, other features include increased comfort. This is a head set that is not only comfortable, but it is extremely versatile and offered at an affordable price point.

Features of the 12-590 RadioShack Headset

  • Versatile and affordable product
  • Control unit located near ear cups to make tuning easy
  • Build in antenna for better signal strength and reception
  • Affordable headset option

5. Walkers Game Radio Headset

This headphone has been designed with you in mind. It features both AM and FM radio, as well as a digital display which makes using the headset easier than ever before. Additionally, this headset offers built-in ear protection, eight preset channels and a memorized channel function. The low battery indicator, digital screen display feature and the Jack MP3 input are just a few of the amazing features offered by this particular product. If you want a great, multipurpose headset for your listening pleasure, then you can’t go wrong with this device.

Features of the Walkers Game Headset

  • Offers access to both AM and FM radio
  • Provides users a low battery alert indicator
  • Offers a digital screen display
  • Automated channel search scanning

6. The Blue House Headphones

This is a set of wireless headphones that are designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. With this headset, you can enjoy SD storage to ensure all your music files are kept in one place, and you can enjoy wireless streaming of your audio files from any source device in a process that is quick and easy. It also features a 4GB memory card, as well as 25 hours of music playback with a full battery

Features of the Blue House Headset


  • Full battery offers 25 hours of use
  • Ideal for commuters and those who love to exercise
  • Easy to use and navigate


As you can see, when it is time for you to choose a headset for your listening pleasure, there are more than a few options to choose from. Getting to know some of the best features of this device can help you make an educated decision about what to purchase.


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