Best Card Games For Your Smartphone

Best Card Games For Your Smartphone


Part of what makes card games fun is the social aspect of playing cards.  It’s fun to tell your little cousin to “go fish” and to tease your friends when they lose at crazy eights.  How many friends did you meet in college by playing Uno in a common room in the dorm?  How much did playing spades with your friends make boring classes go by more quickly in high school?

Of course, playing cards by yourself can also be fun.  Playing one game of solitaire can easily turn into twenty.  Playing Android Solitaire can make the time pass even more quickly.  When you have a free solitaire app, you will never be bored when waiting for a doctor’s appointment or picking up your spouse from work.  Playing solitaire on your phone is so much more fun than scrolling through depressing news headlines on your news feed.

Features of ASO Solitaire for Android

The ASO Solitaire app for Android is a classic solitaire game with just enough extra features to keep the game interesting.  It does not have lots of distracting bells and whistles.  Solitaire lends itself to playing multiple games in succession and watching your skill improve.  The ASO Solitaire app has cumulative scoring.  It also keeps track of your playing statistics.  You can watch your skill level increase.  You can even challenge your friends at solitaire.

Social Card Game Apps

Almost any card game you can play in person, you can play on an app.  Whether you want to play bridge, rummy, or poker, there is an app for it.  It is hard to play social games with your friends in real time.  You can either play in modes where you wait for your real-life friends to make the next move, or else you can play against the computer.

Social card games are better in person, but apps like ASO Solitaire make smartphone solitaire even more fun than the original.



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