Toddy Smart Cloth: Fashion Forward High-Tech Hygiene

Toddy Smart Cloth: Fashion Forward High-Tech Hygiene

The Toddy Smart Cloth comes in a wide array of patterns that will please Moms, Dads, Hipsters, CEOs, Babysitters… Anyone with a gadget

When “fashion” meets “gadget,” function usually suffers. Haute Couture iPad cases, for example, certainly look great, but usually involve extra zippers, closures, and handles – all things that delay access to my device. So, when the Toddy Smart Cloth came across my desk and claimed to embody “function, fun, and fashion,” I said, “we’ll see.”

The Toddy Smart Cloth is a two-sided rectangle measuring slightly less than half the size of a standard piece of paper (5×7”). One side is a solid-colored plush microfiber cloth; the other side is a patterned silk microfiber cloth. These sides work together to clean nearly any tech in your office or home, especially those with glass platens such your iPad and iPhone. Considering how many fingerprints my devices accumulate in a day, this is a handy little thing to stash in my pocket.
The benefits do not end at simply clearing smudges. The Toddy is antimicrobial, naturally hydrophilic (no sprays needed), reusable, and machine washable. It is available in a wide array of colors and patterns to please most fashionistas (and genders). And for those with very large platens, like TV screens, a larger Toddy is available (9×9”).

The only detraction I can find is a minor one: The Toddy is not exactly compact. A traditional eyeglass-cleaning cloth consists of one layer of microfiber cloth, so it folds very nicely into a small plastic sleeve. The Toddy has two sides, one of which is a denser plush. Users with handbags or brief cases will easily stuff the Toddy into a crevice, but those with only a pocket may find this a little bulky for on-the-go cleaning.

The folks at Toddy have thought of that and offer special pricing when ordering multiple Toddys, so you can keep them stashed in convenient places. They also offer corporate personalization of their Toddy Smart Cloth. A note to any corporate brander out there: This is one piece of SWAG I would love to get and would actually use!

To purchase a Toddy Cloth, priced at $9.99, click here.



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