iVisor AG: Fantastic Screen Protection

iVisor AG: Fantastic Screen Protection

iVisor AG: Fantastic Screen Protection
iVisor AG is designed to adhere seamlessly to your iPad.

Screen protectors have a long tradition of impeding productivity – I will never forget trying to etch through the relatively thick silicone of my Palm Pilot protector. So I was skeptical that the iVisor AG from Moshi would deliver on its lofty promises. Can a protection film really adhere without bubbles, be repositioned easily, protect from scratches, and still not delay the conversation between my finger and the app? Really?!

The iVisor AG protected my iPad screen from my little girl’s pink metal bracelet.

Yes. Really. This product is so easy to use, so transparent to operation, and so helpful in protecting my technology that I have not yet found a negative point. I even left my iPad open on the table while my daughter was playing with metal jewelry, just to see what happened. Of course, the jewelry made its way onto the iPad screen, and the iVisor AG withstood the onslaught.

The positives continue: The iVisor AG shows fewer fingerprints and smudges than the iPad’s native screen; comes with a black or white frame to best coordinate with your iPad; and includes a cleaning cloth.

If you are not likely to share your iPad with children, are always impeccably manicured, or insist on the highest degree of crystalline clarity, there is also the iVisor XT, labeled as the “clear version” to the AG’s “matte version”. Virtually identical to the iVisor AG, the XT model does not include the smudge reduction feature, making it appear most like the native iPad screen. Either way, this nifty piece of armor is $30 well spent.


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