SleekSpeak Rolls Out new Bicycle Speaker

SleekSpeak Rolls Out new Bicycle Speaker


SleekSpeak rolls out new bicycle speaker

SleekSpeak has announced the release of the SleekSpeak Speaker, a Bluetooth-enabled, portable speaker built for headphone-free bicycle riding.

The speaker simply attaches to the handlebars and wirelessly streams all audio from all iOS devices, cell phones and MP3 players. Alternatively, the small, portable device is water resistant and can be hung from a tree in the park while picnicking, attached to a lounge chair at the pool, working at a desk, or commuting by foot.

SleekSpeak is currently a KickStarter project developed by a David Meisenholder, founder of StickyLAB product development studio.

SleekSpeak can be purchased as limited editions for $69 and a SleekSpeak colour combination of your choice for $79 at, the SleekSpeak with retail for $100. The product will ship in early July 2012.


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