Cook Italian for iPad: Cooking Recipes with Chef Daniella Malfitano

Cook Italian for iPad: Cooking Recipes with Chef Daniella Malfitano

Cook Italian iPad App Review
A taste of Italy in your kitchen!

Ever wanted to create some mouth-watering Italian cuisines in your kitchen with the guidance of an incredible chef? This is definitely the app you need!


The introduction of this app is presented and narrated by the incredible Italian chef Daniella Malfitano. Over 100 of her amazing recipes feature throughout the app, which include all the ingredients needed, step by step cooking instructions and mouth-watering, high quality images of all the dishes. The app has a well organised layout, clear instructions and guidelines and is separated into clear categories. Recipes are also listed in A-Z order, as well as by type; e.g. Pasta, soups, seafood, desserts and more. There are a large variety of Italian recipes presented and each one gives accurate preparation and cooking times. Ingredients can be further selected to discover nutritious information and images. Users also have the option to enlarge images as they wish. They can create favourites lists, send dinner invitations with menu details and shopping lists. Videos can also be downloaded and played directly from the app itself. Cook Italian is an easy to use, interactive and professional Italian cooking app that is a true delight to use. This is an absolute must for all cooking enthusiasts.


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