Protect Your iPad With Griffin’s TechSafe

Protect Your iPad With Griffin’s TechSafe


Protect Your iPad With Griffin’s TechSafe

TechSafe is not just your ordinary protective case; it also provides a vital anchor point that enables the security of a desktop cable locking system.

Made from protective polycarbonate, the TechSafe Case locks around your iPad and provides a secure anchor point for the included 4-digit combination-lock security cable. Key in the code, press the lock’s plunger, and it instantly releases tablet and case for carrying. Griffin provides online storage for your unique 4-digit combination-lock code. Store your code – accessible only by YOU – at, and retrieve it anytime.

The case provides not just security and protection, but usability as well. It features two foldout work stands, one inclined for typing and tapping, and one for upright landscape viewing.

Available at:
Price: $79.99


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