September’s Top Five iPhone Apps that Caught Everyone’s Hearts

September’s Top Five iPhone Apps that Caught Everyone’s Hearts


Corkbin iPhone App Review

Now that fall has manifested itself, people are slowly looking for ways on how they can enjoy themselves inside their homes, especially for when the winter season hits. True enough, iPhone users are glad to know that they have so many interesting new apps to unravel and take advantage of. Below is the list of the top five iPhone apps that caught everyone’s hearts for the month of September based on the number of shares in Facebook.

5,  Total Turret: Cool New Retro iPhone Game Total_Turret - SkyShark Studios Company

This is a turret game that you play like last turret standing. What starts out as orange harmless tanks soon become blue and then purple. There definitely is a retro look to the game as you move forward and each levels presents itself in a new light and gets increasingly challenging. The font, the colors and the feel all work to get you in the mood. Because just when you think you’ve destroyed the last tank, there’s one right behind you, shooting you down!

4.  Guitarism: It’s Air Guitar…With Sounds! guitarism - guitar to go - Rhism LLC

Everyone wanted to be able to play the guitar at some point, and I’m sure most of those people have actually tried and sometimes failed. Well, whether you’ve weathered through the storm of blistered fingers or simply just resigned to playing air guitar, this app might just be for you. Easy to use and the sound is very realistic. You don’t need to be able to play the guitar to have fun with it. This app is a fantastic tool for anyone who’s an accomplished guitarist and is looking for something to quickly try ideas out on.

3. Overstock Art: Putting The Fun Into iPhone Shopping Oil Paintings -

Shop a world of art from the comfort of your own home using the apps living room to see how it looks in place. With this app you can do it all without getting up off your couch. You don’t have to go in to the store, stare at the wall, and try to visualize what it’s going to look like in your room. You now have an app that will help you with that. An app that doesn’t cost you a thing, that is, unless you choose to buy an artist’s print.

4. Word Jacks: Nope, It Isn’t Pop-Cap Games! Word Jacks - Traduko

To play this app, you must make words with bricks that are falling from the top of the screen. Tap to get more bricks and drag to make words. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Good thing too because the game picks up quickly. The best thing about it is that there are 10 languages included in this app so it will help you enhance your creative side on the other languages you wish to learn.

1.Corkbin: A Genu-wine Corker Corkbin - Inmite s.r.o.

It also has to be said that the app itself looks gorgeous. What’s more the elegant design makes not only navigating the app easy but also totally stress free when you’re first getting to grips with it. There’s a real luxury feel about the user interface that makes a welcome change to the logic some developers take, in that a cheap app should also be allowed to be a crappy looking one. Equally, at just £0.59p you’ll never feel like you’re being taken for a ride, especially since the elegant design makes the app feel like it should be sold in a higher price bracket.


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