PDF Editing/Splitting, Reordering And Merging: Which Is Harder To Pull Off?

PDF Editing/Splitting, Reordering And Merging: Which Is Harder To Pull Off?


PDF files are great because they allow the user a certain amount of control that can’t be gained by using other formats for their text files. However, these editing capabilities might be a bit over what some users are knowledgeable about so it might seem to them that these tasks are only for those with a high skill in computers. That couldn’t be more wrong as anyone can easily complete these tasks. Now, you might be wondering which one is harder. Is merging the hardest thing you can do to PDF files or is it splitting? Keep reading this article for an answer on all those questions.

Is splitting PDF files hard? How is it done?

Splitting a PDF file isn’t hard at all. It is something that happens almost naturally through the controls of the PDF editor or viewer, regardless of which you choose. There are many options out there such as https://www.sodapdf.com/split-pdf/ but diversity is a good thing because you can test out multiple solution before finally making a decision. As for how it’s accomplished, you need to make sure that the PDF manipulation tools you are using support splitting. Once you ensure that, you have to go to the print section and then use the “change” option. You can select multiple pages that you want to split from the rest of the document, so you could have the first 6 pages followed by an unordered enumeration like 8,24,25,30. This example would make it so you split pages 1-6 as as pages 8,24,25 and 30 into a separate document. The more differentiated documents you want to have, the more splits you need to do. Splitting doesn’t cost anything and it’s fast so you don’t have to worry about repeating the process until you get the desired results.

Is merging PDF files hard? How is it done?

Now that we’ve taking a look at splitting it’s fair enough that we also take a gander at merging. This is literally the opposite process to splitting. If through splitting you can make 2 documents out of one, merging helps you take 2 documents and make them into one instead. Similarly to splitting, you will need software or plugins, or PDF tools that come with the feature of merging. Most have this feature and finding one that has it isn’t a hard task. That being said the process itself is even easier than splitting. You just need to gather all the documents that you want merged. Add them all to the same place and then use the merging option in your PDF manipulation software to transform them all into just one big document.

So the answer to all questions is that neither process is hard, and both can be achieved by anyone that need such services, not just those that are highly skilled in computer use. While merging is relatively easier, both are extremely easy and doable in a manner of moments.