3 Pet Apps That Nervous Travellers Need To Download Today

3 Pet Apps That Nervous Travellers Need To Download Today


Travelling is exciting as it offers us the ability to see new places, experience new things, meet new people and eat new and interesting foods. But with all this ‘newness’ going on, travelling can also get a little overwhelming and for sufferers of anxiety related disorders, the pressures of travelling can become too much to handle. As a society, we’ve come on leaps and bounds in how we manage these feeling of nervousness and panic but we still have quite a ways to go yet. Travelling with your pet can help ease these feelings of nervousness and anxiety but it’s no picnic either as you have to take in their feelings as well as your own when you’re on the road. Here are the top 4 pet apps that you should download if you’re travelling with your pet.


The use of emotional support animals (ESAs) as a means of therapy has been a huge breakthrough in recent years for people travelling with mental, psychological and minor physical conditions. Pets offer a stabilizing and constant source of love and affection which can have dramatic benefits for people who can become overwhelmed and need a space for sanctuary. Moosh is a platform that shares news and information about ESAs as well as offering a service that allows you to get your ESA letter online by talking to a licensed mental health professional who can assess whether you qualify for and ultimately grant you certification for your ESA.

Pet Acoustics

If you’ve ever listened to those ‘calming tapes’ of rainforest sounds, a babbling brook or oceanic waves then you you’ll know what a deep effect that they can have on you. Pets are just the same and Pet Acoustics specifically tunes the sounds to your cat, dog and even horse’s hearing sensitivities. So if your pet tends to get anxious in unfamiliar environments, agitated on long car journeys or upset when left alone, Pet Acoustics is a great tool to have in your arsenal for $1.99.

Vet Finder

Nothing is more stressful than when your pet falls ill, especially when you’re away from home and your local vet. The Vet Finder app is free to download and helps you to find your closest veterinary clinic. You can even search for more refined results to find a specialist, a language spoken or whether they accept credit cards or not.