iTrip AutoPilot: Play Music And Control Your iPhone While Driving

iTrip AutoPilot: Play Music And Control Your iPhone While Driving


iTrip AutoPilot

Griffin’s latest little gadget combines impressive FM transmitter technology with a charger that plugs into your car’s accessory power outlet, allowing you to control your iPhone through the device itself. By plugging into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, the iTrip AutoPilot connects to your car’s stereo and even displays artist and track information on RDS-equipped car radios, as well as saving the most useful FM frequencies as presets for quick recall.

Similarly to its little brother, the Griffin iTrip Auto, all you have to do to tune into a frequency is press the SmartScan button and this will tune into the FM frequency that shows up on iTrip’s easy-to-read lighted display. However, the iTripAuto has a superior design in terms of usability, with a large ‘Play/Pause/Forward/Back’ circular interface that makes controlling the iPhone and iPod incredibly easy and will mean that you never have to take your eyes off the road.

Additionally, the fact that the entire design consists of a link between one cable means that you’ll never lose a vital element of the gadget. You can also download a free software app that lets you control your iPhone or iPod Touch from your Multi-Touch display. This really is a truly fantastic little toy.

Link: iTrip AutoPilot
Price: $79.99

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