Ninja Bugs: Slice And Dice Insects On Your iPhone! (Sponsored)

Ninja Bugs: Slice And Dice Insects On Your iPhone! (Sponsored)


Ninja Bugs iPhone App Review

Anyone who has suffered through an insect infestation in their home will take great pleasure in playing Ninja Bugs, an iPhone game that allows you to take out your deepest, darkest hatred of these pesky little creatures by chopping them up into even littler pieces.

The first thing that I noticed when playing the game was the incredible graphics; they really are a cut above the rest and this attention to detail certainly adds a greater level of enjoyment to the proceedings. You can choose from 4 separate gaming modes; my favourite is Classic Mode (Bug Blast), where you have 4 lives and no time limit; slashing and splattering the bugs earns you points and if you can do combo slashes (slicing the bugs twice), then you can increase your score even more; if you accidentally hit the zappers your screen is electrified!

Get special combos by slicing the insects again and again!

In Arcade Mode (Bug Attack), you have 90 seconds to get the highest score; Sting Mode (Bee Swarm) also holds a 90 second time limit, but you have to fight a swarm of bees that fly across your screen! If you get tired of being zapped all of the time, then go for No Zappers where you can chill out and just focus on getting the highest amount of bug swipes and combos in 90 seconds.

Choose from over 10 different background to keep things interesting.

You can choose from a wide array of weapons with which to dismember the creepy crawlers, including nunchucks and a savage set of Samurai swords that slice across the screen with a satisfying ‘thwuck!’ and are much more effective than your average flyswatter. The background can also be altered, with daylight and night time settings as well as a grassy backdrop over which the insects scuttle.

Any iPad owners can enjoy multiplayer sessions online and you can brag about your top scores by hooking up to Open Feint; try and knock the leader of the top of the board!


If you like simple but fun Arcade-style games, then Ninja Bugs is for you; I can’t think of a more fun way to spend five minutes than slicing and smashing on-screen bugs…maybe I need to get out more.


As I mentioned before, the graphics are simply awesome; filleting the bugs means that their juices splatter all over the screen in a disgustingly satisfying fashion.

The fact that you can change the modes of play keeps things from getting boring.

Room For Improvement

I really can’t think of one problem that I have with this game. Result!

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  1. wow I love this game, its so cool. the graphics are awesome and my favourite level is arcade! slash those bugs up!!!

  2. This is my favorite ‘killing time’ game at the moment; any time that I’m waiting for a bus or in a long elevator, I take 5 minutes to cut up some insects! Totally worth a buck.


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