Is a MacBook Pro the Right Laptop for You?

Is a MacBook Pro the Right Laptop for You?


Apple has gone on to make huge advancements with its notebooks over the last few years and the MacBook Pro has become one of the most advanced and popular systems on the market. There’s plenty to love about the model which is best-suited to the likes of gamers, designers, photo editors, and general professionals due to the vast selection of features it has to offer.

There have been huge debates as to whether Windows laptops or MacBooks take the upper hand, but this is, of course, all down to personal preference. We will, however, give you a few benefits to bear in mind if you’re on the fence about whether to invest in a MacBook Pro:

Better Graphics and Audio

The MacBook Pro has one of the best displays on the market due to the innovative Retina technology. In fact, it is one of the reasons why the Pro has become one of the most sought-after on the market.

With an innovative graphics chip designed by NVIDIA and fantastic LED lighting, the Pro allows for a better visual experience than other laptops on the market. Graphic designers, gamers and photo/video editors will be able to take full advantage of Retina display, as it produces crystal clear images and fine detailing. Writers and business owners who are likely to spend hours at their laptop will also find comfort in the high-pixel clarification, meaning a significantly reduced chance of eye strain. Likewise, the audio capacity is quite impressive, as it boasts a fuller and richer sound.

Find out more about how you can achieve a better gaming setup on your PC or laptop.

Great Battery Life

There’s nothing worse than using a laptop that has a battery life that lasts just a couple of hours – especially for those who tend to complete their work on-the-go. What’s great about the MacBook Pro is that it has impressive battery life. The 13-inch model has a battery capacity of 10 hours, while the 15-inch model can keep going for up to 9 hours. The LED screen is also energy efficient for even more prolonged battery life. Even when the battery of your Macbook starts to deplete, there are ways to improve the battery life of your Macbook.

Faster Processor

At the beginning of 2018, Apple made the move to quad-core processors and this has become one of the main reasons why professionals are switching laptops and purchasing a MacBook Pro.

While a processor may not be a must for every single user, it is certainly essential for gamers and video editors. In simple terms, the processor is the brain of the laptop and deals with the system’s calculations at a certain pace. If the rate of calculation is slow, the overall performance of the device will also have a knock-on effect. A powerful processor means videos and games can be played at the same time as managing other tasks without the entire laptop freezing or crashing.

RAM Capacity

Gamers and video editors will be delighted to learn that the amount of VRAM in the 15-inch MacBook pros is significantly better than most other laptops on the market. It offers a 4GB VRAM capacity, while the RAM is now a convenient 32GB.

RAM, otherwise known as ‘Random Access Memory’ is particularly important to consider when purchasing a computer, as it determines how quickly your device will operate. It may even be considered more important than your processor or hard drive, as it essentially supports software to run smoothly and data to be transferred. RAM is a key aspect as to how your computer will function.

Can You Get the MacBook Pro at a Cheaper Price?

It’s is no secret that MacBook Pros do come at a hefty price when brought from the store, therefore it’s always best to weigh up the benefits to consider whether it’s the right laptop for you. However, you don’t always have to purchase a brand-new device to keep up with the latest developments. Refurbished MacBook Pro 15-inch prices are significantly cheaper than buying brand new, but of course, the refurbished version fulfills the exact same job – so there’s really no question as to why you should fork out the extra cash to purchase a brand-spanking-new laptop. For comparison, a refurbished model will set you back by $699 which is a $1,100 (61%) saving off of the RRP. This is just one price for the 15-inch version, but other sized versions of the laptop may cost even less.

You will also want to consider whether retailers offer trade-in programs. If you have another Apple MacBook or Windows PC that you’re looking to get rid of, you may be able to save on your new MacBook Pro by trading your old laptop in to get some money off.

How is Apple Improving the MacBook Pro?

Apple claims that the new and improved MacBooks are “the most advanced notebook ever” and are still improving due to the new refurbishments it’s making. In 2016, it was the first time that Apple had revamped the model in over four years, but it seems that over the past two years, further developments to the MacBook Pro have been made in order to enhance user experience. The new MacBook Pro models include Retina displays, Touch Bars with TouchID functionality, and True Tone technology.

In 2017, there were two versions of the 13-inch model and one 15-inch model; however, while these topped the specs of most other developers, the 2018 version has still gone on to improve.

The new 13-inch model will include a 13.3-inch Retina screen display, Touch Bar, 8GB of RAM and a 2.3GHz quad-core processor to name just a few, while the 15-inch version offers a 15.4-inch retina display, touch bar, 16GB of RAM and a 2.2GHz 6-core processor.

In terms of the visual element, innovative True Tone display software has been introduced which smartly activates two light sensors to change the temperature of the colouring to suit the surroundings.

Why Should You Buy the MacBook Pro?

Ideal for professionals, designers, and gamers, the high-performance MacBook Pro has it all – from picture-perfect graphics, outstanding audio and a fast processor which means that gaming and video editing has never been easier. Not only is it an impressive choice for creatives, but it’s also ideal for professionals, due to the large storage capacity and reasonable hardware specifications it has to offer.


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