Kindle vs. iPad: Which is Really the Better Device?

Kindle vs. iPad: Which is Really the Better Device?

Amazon Kindle

Amazon recently reported that ebooks have outsold printed books based on their own sales statistics. This means either more users are reading ebooks on their Kindle or Kindle apps on various platforms. Then Apple reported its 3rd quarter 2010 earnings highlighting the fact that they have sold 3.7 million units of iPad. While the iPad is not solely and ebook reader like the Kindle, the comparison between these two devices is unavoidable.

Kindle vs. iPad which is the better device? ereader? The answer is none. Each of these advices have their pros and cons when it comes to being an ebook reader. Kindle, the device is an ereader by itself. iPad on the hand has ereader as one of its features. Here, we compare these two devices as a device for reading ebooks and some more.

The Reading Experience

The major contention when it comes to actually reading ebooks on both the iPad and Kindle is the fact that many people claim that prolong reading on the iPad strain the eyes. This is not the problem for the Kindle’s e-ink display. It was meant for pro-long reading. That puts the Kindle a better ereader in this regard – spot on.

But this is on theory. Does the iPad really strain your eyes after reading the iPad? I’ve finished reading several ebooks on the iPad and not once did I experience eyestrain. On the contrary, the iPad’s vibrant display quality is even more enticing and will keep you reading for hours. In addition, the fact that you can do other things while in the middle of book chapter and then go back to where you left gives the iPad an overwhelming edge against the Kindle.

Again, the iPad did not strain my eye after reading an entire ebook for several times. So, that settles the issue of the Kindle as being the better ereader because of its e-ink display which as they say will not cause eye strain.

The Actual Reading Experience

Apple iPad with iBooks Open

While reading ebooks, the Kindle gets an advantage over the iPad for one reason – you can annotate the ebook that you are reading, while the iPad will not let you do that. Both apps let you start reading from the page where you stopped the next time you use either the iBooks or Kindle.

Navigating ebooks on both these devices is similarly easy. The iPad gives you much flexibility because of the touchscreen feature, while the Kindle could only muster an actuall scrolling button. Which is better? It depends on your preference.

The Ebookstore

Another point of comparison between these two ereader devices is the fact that the Kindle offers more ebook selections, thanks to the Amazon store. There are roughly more than 450,000 books available on the Amazon Kindle Store, while the iPad only has around 60,000 plus titles of books available at its disposable.

When it comes to pricing, there’s not too much difference as well. Book prices ranges from $9.99 up on both Kindle Store and iBookstore. Coverage is probably wider for the Kindle than the iPad.

In addition, pricing of these devices were also compared. Obviously, the Kindle is cheaper than the iPad. Current selling price of the basic Kindle device is now at $189 while the cheapest iPad will set you back for $499. Obviously, this is due to the fact that the Kindle is only an ereader with add-on functions made possible by upgrades, while the iPad is a device for multimedia consumption including ebooks.

Which is the Better eReader then?

As an eReader, there is no doubt that the Kindle is the better one for the simple reason that it was meant to be just an ebook reader. Even if the newer Kindle now features MP3 playback and basic web browsing, these are still not enough for us to consider the Kindle as a multimedia device.

But we’re not saying that the iPad is not a good ereader. Actually, it is. But we just couldn’t consider it as the better eReader because it is not just an ereader.

The iPad is a better device/gadget – no doubt.


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