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Simple Ways To Ease Your Mind On The Kids’ Social Media Use

Is social media genuinely harmful to kids? The jury still seems to be out on that one, but it's hard to deny...
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Tips to Make An App Your Customers Love

With so many consumers glued to their smartphones or mobile devices, creating an app is the next step for businesses that wants...
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5 Strategies To Promote An App For Free In 2019

App development can be difficult. Many businesses think that once they’ve spent their time, money and energy on brainstorming and developing an...
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Second Hand iPhone X : The Essential Guide

When the iPhone X was released it gave Apple users a glimpse into what the future holds for iPhones and upcoming devices....
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How Emerging Tech Is Helping To Battle Global Opioid Dependence

Can tech help fight worldwide opioid dependence? Find out the role of emerging tech in the war against global opioid abuse here!
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Being Heard: How Influencer Marketing Can Get People Talking About Your Brand

Let's assume that you are in the market for a new smartphone and have settled your eyes on one of the latest...
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The Top Online Therapy Services of 2019

Are you someone who has a family member suffering from some kind of mental health disorder like anxiety attacks or depression, and...

The Cost of Doing Business in the Age of Malware

The days of having to only worry about your home PC falling prey to a malware attack are long over. We are...
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How New Tech Has Made Digital Nomadism Possible

Entrepreneurship is appealing to millions of people. Unfortunately, it often requires you to stay put and manage a business without the freedom...

How Renewable Energy Is Changing the Tech Sector

Renewable energy is the wave of the future. But how is it affecting the technology sector? We'll discuss here.

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