KUAIFIT K True Wireless Headphones: Getting In Shape, One Time-Tracked Jog At...

KUAIFIT K True Wireless Headphones: Getting In Shape, One Time-Tracked Jog At A Time


As a middle-aged man that wants to get back in the dating game, I’m painfully aware that looking good is pretty much essential to attracting members of the opposite sex (thanks, Tinder!). That’s why I’ve taken up jogging. The only thing is, I can’t seem to get the impetus to head out on a brisk morning high-octane tunes blaring in my ears and carrying my stereo like a ghetto blaster isn’t exactly feasible on a 5K park session. So it goes without saying that I’m pretty happy with my new KUAIFIT K True Wireless Headphones.

As someone who was in the remedial set of Physical Education at school, it might not come as surprise to you that I’m not  a natural sportsman – so when I’m pounding the pavement I need to be as unencumbered as possible. The KUAIFIT headphones are as unencumbering as it gets, given that they don’t have any wires to fuss (or trip) over – you just connect them to Bluetooth, fire up Playing With The Boys (I assume they work with other songs too) and hit the road.

One feature that I really like is the ‘clickable’ earpiece, which stops and starts the audio and also lets you pretend that you’re a secret agent getting a message… “Copy that, subject is secure.”

They’re sweat-proof (thank God!) and have a noise-cancelling function as well as an HD microphone so you can make phone calls (to other secret agents or whomever) and a bitchin’ playtime of 3 hours, with the charger included that gets them juiced up in 1.5 hours.

Possibly the most unique element of these headphones is the KUAIFIT app, which serves as your very own personal trainer, complete with training plans, progress trackers and four-time Olympic world champion Dwight Phillips lending his reassuring voice to your ears.

The neon lycra that I squeeze myself into may not be as appealing to female joggers as I kid myself it is, but with the Top Gun soundtrack pumping through my KUAIFIT K True headphones, I’m Maverick, Iceman and Kenny Loggins all rolled into one beautiful, sweaty mess. (What a visual? You’re welcome. Find me on Strava and/or Tinder at @EricCompton…)

Find out more at K Headphones.


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