Exclusive Product Review: SuperTooth Crystal In-Car Speakerphone

Exclusive Product Review: SuperTooth Crystal In-Car Speakerphone


SuperTooth HD Crystal In-Car Speakerphone

At iPhoneAppCafe we like to bring you the best accessory reviews that we can which is why we get very excited when we get the opportunity for an exclusive review; the lovely chaps at SuperTooth have shipped over their new product for us to get our greasy mitts all over and, well, we’re impressed.

The Crystal speakerphone is a Bluetooth speakerphone that is ready to go as soon as you unpack it; with no installation required, you can simply connect it to the sun visor on your car and then link your phone up via Bluetooth and away you go, perhaps broadcasting any smaller passengers’ dulcet tones from their car seat. Billed as two to three more times more powerful than any other speakerphone on the market, this gadget boasts an impressive audio range; I started chatting when I was in the back of my friend’s car and the recipient could hear me as clear as day.

It’s so thin you may forget that it’s there…in which case, just call it to locate it.

The voice command functions are especially useful and you can even dictate a text message as you drive; we checked out the accuracy of this (I have had a few hilarious autocorrects on other voice-dictation apps – see our 15 Most Hilarious Auto-corrects for evidence of what can go wrong without accurate typing!), and we were all impressed with the lack of typos and decent grammar.

What I really like about the functionality of the device is that as soon as you step outside the car and shut the door, it switches itself off and then only reboots when you enter the car (all done automatically); this is great for us scatterbrains who always leave their devices on and come back to a drained battery. If you do run low on battery, you can use the cigarette lighter charger that is included in the pack to top up again. A bit of a winner really!

Price: $129
Link: SuperTooth HD Crystal In-Car Speakerphone


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