10 Most Addictive Apps Ever

10 Most Addictive Apps Ever


10 Most Addictive Apps Ever

There are so many app distractions in life that make us late for work, affect our personal relationships and simply take over our lives! Here are the 10 worst culprits that we just can’t stay away from. So, whenever you find yourselves needing a good excuse, blame it on the app!

1. Draw Something Draw Something by OMGPOP - OMGPOP

If you haven’t already joined the latest craze that’s sweeping the app store yet, then where have you been? This highly addictive game allows users to play social drawing and guessing games with their family, friends and other users by connecting with them via the app and social networking sites. Draw Something is extremely fun, easy to play and highly addictive. It comes as no surprise that this app is dominating the top positions in the app store and vastly taking over our free time!

Updated: 19 March 2012
Developer: OMG POP, Inc
Price: Free or $0.99

2. Twitter Twitter - Twitter, Inc.

Let’s be honest, we are a curious nation who want to know the latest gossip, news and events, as soon as they occur. Twitter has attracted millions of users and followers who tweet about anything and everything! Fans can follow their favourite celebrities, users can connect with friends and family and news can be broadcast instantly! This is one addition that is here to stay! What gets you tweeting?

Released: 3 April 2012
Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free

3. Angry Birds Angry Birds - Clickgamer.com

The Angry Birds phenomenon has made its stamp as a leader in the app market. The range has expanded to include Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space, which proves users simply can’t get enough of aiming and catapulting their birds to hit the set targets.

Updated: 20 March 2012
Developer: Clickgamer Technologies Ltd
Price: $0.99 (Various versions available)

4. Facebook Facebook - Facebook, Inc.

Facebook needs no formal introduction, as this addictive and popular app has become a necessity in our modern day lives. The launch of the new Timeline feature has kept users busy, organising the layout and appearance of their Facebook Profile Page. This popular social Networking app is here to stay!

Released: 2 April 2012
Developer: Facebook Inc.
Price: Free

5. Temple Run Temple Run - Imangi Studios, LLC

Temple Run is a fast, fun and fantastic game that requires users to endlessly run around a scene of temples. Users must collect a series of coins, steer clear of being captured and avoid obstacles that present along the way. You need quick hands to swipe and maneuver your way around the temple. The 3D graphics are incredibly realistic and gives an arcade look and feel to the game. Temple Run is highly addictive and will keep you entertained for hours!

Updated: 03 December 2011
Developer: Imangi Studios, LLC
Price: Free

Paper Toss iPhone App Review

6. Paper Toss: World Tour Paper Toss - Backflip Studios

Paper Toss is a prime example of how simple apps can keep users hooked for hours! The basic concept of aiming and throwing paper into a trashcan was enough to keep users entertained and addicted. This World Tour version, which contains stunning graphics and animations, gives users an added reason to keep returning time and time again.

Updated: 12 January 2012
Developer: Backflip Studios Inc.
Price: $0.99

Scrabble iPhone App Review

7. Scrabble – SCRABBLE - Electronic Arts

The oldies are the classics! We all love old movies, songs from our childhood and the games we played during family reunions. Scrabble is the world’s favourite word game and a challenging yet fun option for all the family to enjoy. This classic app has kept its users updating the latest versions, giving hours of gameplay.

Updated: 13 March 2012
Developer: Electronic Arts Inc.
Price: $1.99

8. Doodle Jump – Doodle Jump - Lima Sky

The beauty of Doodle Jump lies in its simplicity. You simply tilt the iPhone from left to right and control the springy alien as he pogos from each tiny platform. The higher you get, the higher your score; if you miss a platform, you plummet to your demise. The thing is, it rally is utterly addictive. You encounter aliens that you can shoot pellets at to destroy before your crash into them, you can find jetpacks to boost you up a few levels and there’s always the odd black hole in the background to avoid. Trust us, this one will have you hooked.

Updated: 7 April 2012
Developer: Lima Sky
Price: $0.99

WhatsApp Messenger iPhone App Review

9. WhatsApp Messenger – WhatsApp Messenger - WhatsApp Inc.

WhatsApp is a social networking favourite! Users can send instant messages, photos and connect with friends and family in worldwide locations for free. WhatsApp is one of those must have apps that we just can’t live without, making it a top 10 app addiction!

Updated: 07 March 2012
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: $0.99

Tap the Frog iPhone App Review

10. Tap The Frog – Tap The Frog - Mentals LLC

Tap the Frog is another simple concept in an app that has gripped its users! It seems we are obsessed with tapping the frog with our fasted finger and are continually returning for more!

Updated: 02 April 2012
Developer: Media Agency Mentals LLC
Price: Free

It’s Official, We Are All App-Dicted!

I guess our next stop is App Rehab but we’re all too busy tweeting, drawing something and catapulting angry birds! If you have an addiction to an app that isn’t on this list then leave a comment below telling us all about your most time-consuming app.


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