Etymotic Earphones mc3: Maximum Sound, Medium Cost

Etymotic Earphones mc3: Maximum Sound, Medium Cost


Etymotic Earphones mc3

When it comes to purchasing a pair of headphones, if high sound quality doesn’t necessarily equate with a high budget, then we’ve got the pair for you. Etymotic Headphones mc2 clock in at just under $100, but there is absolutely no scrimping on the quality that these little earpieces produce.

With 35 db – 42 db of noise isolation (trust me, this is good; it’s the highest noise isolation of any earphones or headphones available today), and a crystal-clear sound output at any frequency and volume level, these earpieces mean business. Taking on their more expensive counterparts, the only real difference between these earphones and pricier ones is, well, the price.

Now, I’ve always been a headphone kind of guy, rather than an earpiece man; however, when it comes to jogging or travelling places without a bag to stow them away in, I’ve found that these earpieces are a superb replacement for my big, chunky headphones.

You even get a pouch to keep them in!

The actual style of the earphones is pretty attractive, with a sleek black design that isn’t too ostentatious, but would look cool with basically any outfit. They also come with an array of interchangeable earbuds, all of varying size and texture; each set of rubber/foam earbuds offer a different sound output and they all lend themselves to different styles of music (and sizes of ears!).

All in all, I can’t think of many better earphones and certainly none within this price bracket; treat yourself this Christmas and grab a pair as a self-present!

Link: Etymotic Earphones mc3
Price: $99 ($69.95 with Amazon)


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