Color Mail: Brighten Up your Emails!

Color Mail: Brighten Up your Emails!

Color Mail iPhone App Review
Do you want to brighten up the layout of your emails?

Color Mail is a great app that allows users to add colors and formatting to their usually dull and regular looking emails.

Pros: Color Mail provides users with a useful selection of formatting options to enhance the look of their emails. Users have the option to change the text size and color as they wish and to also select their required font style. This is useful for highlighting certain words or sections of an email that users want to emphasise. A background color can also be set and any text can be formatted to bold, italic, underline and strikethrough. Special formatting options are also provided, including the square symbol and chemical formula. A great feature of this app is the floating toolbar. This is convenient for users as they can move the toolbar around the screen or hide it away. Color Mail is easy to use and serves its purpose very well.

Cons: The app is priced a little high at $4.99, which may deter potential users. However, the app has great potential and the developers state that regular updates will be available.


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